Aeration system

Jet aeration systems by Task Environmental Engineering

(from Milieugids (Belgium) ed. 2007)

Recently Task Environmental Engineering, specialized in the realization of industrial emission treatment and wastewater treatment plants, has installed a number of jet aeration installations at the plants of Vanheede Environment Group (Sodecom Quévy), Recyc-Oil in Wielsbeke and Shanks Flanders (Ghent site).

The most specific feature of the jet aeration system is the unequaled operational reliability and the very long life time cycle; Task has been succesfully implementing this system for more than 10 years.

The submerged jet aerators are mixing air with mixed liquor, which is subsequently injected in the wastewater. The actual jet aeration systems are usually mounted at a height of 75 cm up to 120 cm above the tank bottom (against 30 cm in the past) . This is resulting in considerable savings in the field of investment and energy cost of the surpressors.

The jets don’t inject horizontally, the way the traditional systems do, but at a downward angle of 15 tot 30 °, depending on the tank configuration.

Remarkable for the jet aeration system is the absence of moving or wearing parts in the aeration tank, as well as the absence of mixers during the denitrification periods.

The jets are typically realized in glass reinforced polyester, the supports and other fasteners in stainless steel 316.

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