Emission treatment Shanks

Odor control and emission treatment Shanks Vlaanderen Roeselare

(published in several technical/professional journals and -websites – November 2002)

Task Environmental Engineering in Heist-op-den-Berg recently realised a complete multistage industrial emission treatment plant for one of the most known and most experienced waste collectors and – processors, Shanks-Sobry in Roeselare.

Shanks placed the order with Task Environmental Engineering further to a very thorough evaluation of several Belgian and foreign suppliers.

This emission treatment unit , a multistage gas scrubbing installation has a capacity of approx. 35.000 m³/h, treating industrial emission effluents coming from several sources within the company.

The complete odour control unit has been operational since november 2002 .

Task Environmental Engineering has achieved with this realization a very important reference in the field of industrial emission treatment.

For more information concerning industrial emission treatment and odour control techniques, please consult our website www.task.beair-odor