Air scrubber counterflow odor treatment Indaver-Vlar

Air scrubber counterflow

Air scrubber for odor treatment industrial composting plant

Counterflow scrubber with sliding door (installation with heat exchanger and cooling tower) 120.000 m³/h – Waste collecting and processing industry – Indaver Composting Grimbergen.

Task Environmental Engineering in Heist-op-den-Berg (Belgium) realised an odour control unit to treat the emissions produced by the composting plant of Indaver – Vlar Compost in Grimbergen Belgium. The installation combines a scrubber unit, heat exchanger and cooling tower for the treatment of emissions at a flow rate of 120.000 m³/h.

All physical and chemical design criteria were met without any problem right from the start. It is Indaver-Vlar Compost’s goal to reduce the olfactif impact of its composting activities to an acceptable level for the industry and inhabitants of the surrounding area.

For more information with regard to odour control and emission treatment, please consult the air-odor section of this website 

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