Wastewater treatment equipment

Wastewater treatment equipment: looking for quality and easy maintenance?

Take advantage of our years of experience and know-how in the field of industrial wastewater treatment and thorough knowledge of the market to select the most appropriate equipment for the construction of new or renovation of existing environmental sanitation facilities. Selecting the most appropriate equipment for each applicarion allows to save time and money.

  • Agitators (flocculation agitators, coagulation agitators, neutralization agitators, floating agitators
  • Automatic or manual polymer preparation units
  • Automatic or manual polyelectrolyte mixing stations
  • Aerators (fixed slow turning surface aerators, flotating slow turning surface aerators, jet aerators, subsurface aeration)
  • Lime milk preparation units, lime milk dilution units
  • Chemical dosing units
  • Neutralization units
  • Lamellar decanters
  • Thickeners
  • Sludge treatment units
  • Pilot plants (emission treatment – voc abatement, wastewater and process water treatment)
  • Dosing skids
  • Several types of oil separators



  • flocculation agitators
  • coagulation agitators
  • neutralization agitators
  • floating agitators

Polymer preparation units – polyelectrolyte mixing stations :

  • manual polyelectrolyte / polymer mixing station (flocculant preparation from powder or emulsion)
  • automatic polyelectrolyte / polymer mixing station (flocculant preparation from powder or emulsion)


  • fixed slow turning surface aerators
  • flotating slow turning surface aerators
  • jet aerators, submerged aeration for deep wastewater

Jet aeration systems

Special units:

  • lime milk preparation units
  • lime milk dilution units
  • chemical dosing units
  • neutralization units
  • lamellar decanters,thickeners, …
  • sludge treatment units
  • pilot plants (emission, water)
  • dosing skids
  • oil separators (several types)

Oil separation